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Fishing Licence

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Simon B, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Simon B

    Simon B Owner

    I heard that in Portugal you need to have a fishing licence for both shore and boat fishing.
    As I fish often, I thought I should show willing rather than ignorance!
    Locals can get one from a cashpoint but non locals need to go in person to:

    Deleg. de Barlavento DRAP Algarve
    At: Porto de Pesca de Portimão 8400-278 Parchal
    Tel: 282 490 630
    Fax: 282 490 631

    It is open Mon-Fri and closed for lunch.

    Go off the N125 towards Portimao before the bridge signposted Estombar/Ferragudo/Parchal.
    Follow the Parchal signs for a few miles before there is a roundabout with the port to your right. You go through past a security shed and the building you need is first on the left when you turn immediately left. You pay in cash and its 8 Euros for a year for a shore licence. You will need a shorter term licence to go on a boat trip. You need your passport and then keep a copy of it with the licence when you fish.

    So far I have caught bream and assorted other fish below the small pool at RB and above Caneiros beach and am still trying for my first bass off Centiennes beach - but lovely spot to keep trying early in the morning when the sun comes up.

    Hope helpful and tight lines!
  2. cnljscott

    cnljscott Owner

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for this. I went today and purchased a licence for the year for €8 as you stated.

    As a novice could you give me some advice on the best way to fish from the rocks below the small pool? I have purchased a small rod, reel, ledger rigs and some spinning lures from Decathlon and I'm not sure which will work best. Also, would you say I should just cut up some small fish as bait or buy bait from Decathlon?

    Many thanks again

  3. Simon B

    Simon B Owner

    Hi Cameron
    The gear will be fine. Be prepared to lose tackle as it’s rocky at the bottom. Most of what I have caught has been pretty small really- the locals don’t mind as they go in the fish stew. I caught a big octopus last year! For bait best use worms, squid or mackerel. The fishing is supposed to be better down at Algar Seco. My aim is to get a good bass off Centienes beach where I go at dawn. They are fussy and need an incoming tide with a small swell and you cast just beyond the surf using a lure. The best tackle shop I have found is on the road opposite the Ping supermarket in Lago. I am plann8ng to go on a boat trip with them next year.
    I am at RB in late Feb so hope to have a fish then. Tight lines!
  4. cnljscott

    cnljscott Owner

    Hi Simon,

    Many thanks, Tight Lines!

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