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How to avoid missing posts of interest

Discussion in 'Hints and tips' started by Peter Calver, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Peter Calver

    Peter Calver Forum Administrator & Owners Committee President

    Even I don't log-in at the forum every day, but I rarely miss a new message that's posted. Here's why:
    • When you start or contribute to a discussion, by default you'll be alerted to new messages posted in that discussion
    • You can also Follow any discussion of interest to you, whether you've contributed to it or not - just click Follow discussion at the top right
    • To be alerted of NEW discussions in a subforum of interest to you go to the subforum concerned and click Watch forum at the top right
    If you change your mind simply click either Unfollow discussion or Unwatch forum.

    To see a list of the discussions you're already watch click on your name (at the top right, to the left of Inbox) then choose Personal Profile from the dropdown - you'll see Discussions I'm following at the left, under Your Account; you can see the forums you're watching by clicking the link below, ie Watched forums.

    Alerts are NOT automatically sent by email - you may need to tick this option when you set up the alert:


    Note that when you 'watch' a forum you can not only choose to be alerted when a new discussion is posted, but also when a new message is posted in an existing discussion. However you will probably prefer to 'follow' only those discussions of particular interest.
  2. Peter Calver

    Peter Calver Forum Administrator & Owners Committee President

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